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#Stellenblog Stories: Our campaign through the eyes of our influencers

by Destinate News on 24.05.2016

You might have been following our #Stellenblog campaign on social media, enjoying all the beautiful pictures and micro-stories popping up in your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. As the social media aspect of the campaign wraps up, it's time to delve deeper and read the stories of Stellenbosch on some of the world's best travel blogs.

Our approach to the campaign is two-fold. The first tier encompassing all of social media, on-the-go-sharing and micro stories, while the second tier involves creating detailed blog content which will live on long after the campaign has wrapped. 

Through this double-pronged approach, we achieve the following: pre-campaign hype and interest - urging followers to tune into the conversation, continuous content sharing during the campaign - with images and micro-stories being shared daily, and long-form stories - which drive SEO and conversion, with detailed information on how to book, get around and make the most of a visit to the destination. 

Through working with a dynamic team of multi-skilled influencers, we harnass the power of their multiple talents. From impressive social media reach to beautiful photography, emotive storytelling and video...our team covers it all, from various angles. 

A few of the first stories from this year's #Stellenblog campaign:

Five Unique Experiences in Stellenbosch, by Twiggy Moli | Sleepless in Soweto

Stellenbosch is not just a wine and food destination. That is the one thing that I took away from my #Stellenblog experience because it not only showcased the town itself but also how its the central point that let’s you explore the hidden gems in and around its surrounding areas like Cape Town, Kalk bay and Muizenburg. So with the various, unique activities that you can get up to, I have put together a list of the ones that stood out for me during #Stellenblog.  

Read about Twiggy's experience in Stellenbosch on Sleepless in Soweto

WATCH: Things to do in Stellenbosch, by Rob Lloyd | Stop Having A Boring Life

WATCH: Highlights in Stellenbosch, by Marvin Schonberg | NIEDblog

20 Photos to inspire you to visist Stellenbosch, by Kiersten Rich | The Blonde Abroad

Home to beautiful boutique hotels, world class winelands and one of the best farm-to-table scenesI’ve ever seen, Stellenbosch is an unforgettable South African destination. Stellenbosch is also a lively university town, and has a tight-knit, supportive community for local shops, cafes and galleries.

Read more about Kiersten's visit to Stellenbosch on The Blonde Abroad

Where to Stay & Eat in Stellenbosch, by Natalie Roos | Tails of a Mermaid

I recently returned from another wonderful week in Stellenbosch and I’m all fired up to tell everyone I know about the new places I discovered and the old gems I revisited. If you’re looking for some inspiration to plan a weekend away or book a holiday, you’ll find ten great reasons to make Stellenbosch your next destination here

Read more about Natalie's visit on Tails of a Mermaid

25 Interesting Facts About Stellenbosch, by Rob Lloyd | Stop Having A Boring Life

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Stellenbosch, South Africa. While there I enjoyed the wine routes and learning about the local culture as well as meeting lots of wonderful people from the area. I thought I’d do a little more research about this interesting place and share it with you; there is lots more than just the wonderful wine and below are 25 interesting facts about Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Read about 25 interesting things you probably didn't know about Stellenbosch on Stop Having A Boring Life.  

Keep watching the #Stellenblog hashtag on social media to see more stories from Stellenbosch. We look forward to watching our key source markets engage with the content being produced by this talented team of influencers over the next 10 months, as we amplify and maximise the reach of the content created during our campaign.