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The #peregrinejourney: Then and Now

by Destinate News on 27.11.2014

Destinate has been working with South Africa's favourite farm stall, the iconic Peregrine, for the launch of their newly refurbished cafe. We asked them to dig up a few of their old pictures and share some of the #peregrinejourney with us.

District Mail, April 3, 1987

LEFT: A color transfer of an advert for peregrine in the 70’s.
RIGHT: Founder Kenneth Truter supervising construction of the ‘new’ structure in the early 80’s.

The first fruit stall in Elgin – Granny Smiths, 1948.  It was in the general vicinity of the current Peregrine, but no-one can pin point the spot.  Note the spiffy attire!

Progress on ‘new’ structure. Note the ‘old’ building in the background (as in the advert).

Freshly completed ‘new’ structure.

Bokkie Smal’s fruit stood near to where Peregrine is today, but had to close down when the new national road was built in +-1960.

Kenneth Truter bought the land in 1964 where Peregrine was established.  In time his son Henry took it over the Burls family bought it from Henry in 1997.  In those days there was a staff of about 10, and today 64.

The brand new space, 2014

Sunny lunches, 2014

Healthy, delicious and as often as possible, locally sourced.

The second generation of Burls, Justin, Elodie and baby Anna.

Share your memories, stories and pictures of Peregrine with us on social media, tag #peregrinejourney and you could stand in as chance to WIN mystery prizes this holiday season.